Aortic Valve Stenosis and working out

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Q: I am 17 years old, and I have aortic valve stenosis. I have recently been doing weightlifting, and going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. Saw my cardiologist on wednesday for my annual check up, mentioned that I was weightlifting and she said it was a bad idea for me to continue because I could do …


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Q: Hi, occasionally I get a skipped beat followed by head and neck pressure and a flushed face, sometimes the pressure lasts all day or a couple hours after, I also have pots and blood pooling when i stand up. my question is this. when a pvc happens its my understanding that the bp drops, because my blood pools while …

Heart Transplant with RBBB and PVCs

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Q: I have heart transplant with pacemaker having RBBB and recently I had some frequent PVCs otherwise 5-10 per day.  Blood work, ECG and echo found normal.  Once I saw low frequency 86 bps inversion of waves (9 of them) on continuous recording. Are these symptoms to worry about?

Could I have POTS?

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Q: Hi, I believe I may have pots or orthostatic intolerence and I was hoping you could tell me if I fit the requirements. While im laying down my heart rate is 66-70 but when I stand up it shoots up to 100. Blood starts pooling in my legs and hands and my feet will turn purple within 5 min …

Recurrent angina after stenting

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Q: Age 61, Past MI 2004,  May of 2010,  St elevation and myocardial infarction,  stent (2) right coronary artery and stenting (1) to left anterior descending.  4/2010, ABNORMAL NUCLEAR STRESS TEST.  2 stents  LAD and left circmlex.  Left ventricular with  inferior wall hypokinesis of old MI, mild apical hypokinesis.  EF-54%. Right coronary shows stent area with mild irregularity in the …

How do I keep my HDL low?

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Q: Hello again and thanks for your time… While my over Cholesteral level is good at 150…my HDL is 41 (low average) What foods can I eat to improve my HDL? My Chol/HDL ratio is 3.7 (which I believe is good also). My LDL is 99 and Triglycerides is 42. I am an avid runner and eat pretty healthy…low fat …

High lipid profile and missing a heart beat

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Q: I was being treated for high lipid values since june 2010. TGC at that time was 700. Serium chol 240. Atorlip-F was the medicine prescribed. also i was having uric acid around 8. on 14the january 2011 all my lipid values returned to normal(even lower than min. values prescribed ). then i discontinued medicines after 15 days i.e. january …