Exercise PVCs

Several studies have noted an association between exercise related PVCs and coronary artery disease. One of these involved military veterans, mostly male and 60+ years of age, of whom roughly 25% were treated for heart disease (1).

In this group, frequent exercise PVCs proved an additional risk factor for heart disease, whether during exercise or afterwards, not unlike many other cardiac risk factors such as smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity and/or diabetes.

At risk patients (male and female)  need further studies that include  appropriate tests including an exercise tress test that might lead to further treatment.

Therefore somenone with new PVCs should calculate their risk for heart disease. In the case of known heart disease, the cardiac treatment should be re-evaluated.

Most patients with PVCs and otherwise normal heart function, a normal EKG and echo don’t need treatment, other than perhaps a beta blocker to reduce their frequency, and are thus perfectly safe to exercise.


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