Information for health care professionals is kept here. It is therefore more technical in nature. We will report on relevant medical articles, as well as report on industry news.

In addition, we have included a variety of risk score models. They all have a number of risk factors in common, although some are more surgically oriented and others primarily evaluate the risk of PCI procedures.

The News section is primarily taken from what appears in the popular press:

Risk scores are collected here and are useful for ad-hoc patient evaluations. Like the questionnaires on the main page, intended for patients and family, they address the probable outcomes with the various treatment options.

The Therapy section deals with treatment plans that I believe are of interest to a GP or Internist. As a CT surgeon, I may misinterpret what other specialists want and I look for input!

Papers, the plethora of new information is such that keeping up with all these many publications is almost impossible, let alone to make sense off. In addition, a lot is repetitive. I have tried (and will in the future) to identify what is relevant.

The Surgical Anatomy section is focused on cardiac anatomy and embryology. While this information is freely available elswehere, it is an effort to combine the best in one location, thus saving medical students in particular much needed time.

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