What treatment for a heart blockage is best?

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Question: I have been advised by my primary physician to schedule a cardiac catherization and possible stent placement procedure after having a Nuclear Stress Test with the following “Findings: The study quality is excellent. There is no transient LV ischemic dilatation noted. The left ventricular chamber dimensions are normal. There is a mild to moderately reduced perfusion defect of moderate …

Stents vs. CABG in the Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease

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The medical literature and my own experience support this course of action if a procedure becomes necessary for the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD): In stable patients, optimal medical therapy should be the initial treatment of choice; If you have only one or two blockages (unless it includes a “Left Main Lesion”) and a good heart function , a Stent …

Cardiac Health Video

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Video Q&A 4/25/2014 The associated PowerPoint Presentation can be found here. I have made some minor changes to make it easier to view. The associated links will redirect you to the appropriate web pages. Please complete this questionnaire if you’d like to participate in the next live video session. I need the information ahead of time! Dr T

Stents and Arrhythmias Powerpoint Presentation

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Stents and Arrhythmias Powerpoint presentation used in the Q&A video session of 4/25/2014 (click on the Powerpoint screen to advance and follow the automations within the slides where necessary): This is an embedded <a target=”_blank” href=”http://office.com”>Microsoft Office</a> presentation, powered by <a target=”_blank” href=”http://office.com/webapps”>Office Online</a>.

Cardiac Surgery Risk Analysis

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 Since its first publication, our cardiac surgery risk calculator has proven very popular, with over 1000 completed questionnaires since August, 2010. Although the validity of the analysis is somewhat questionable, it has nonetheless shown some interesting results and showcases how this type of data can be utilized, especially if coupled with outcome analysis.   I have made some assumptions: While …

Point-Counter Point

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Two new articles, published in the July edition of Clinical Research in Cardiology, provide a point-counter point perspective by cardiac surgeons and cardiologists. In them, the proponents used the SYNTAX trial to argue their points. Not surprisingly, the authors reached opposite conclusions. Now, how is that possible? In “Patients should be operated!” Reichenspurner and colleagues argue that “…clinical trials, both …