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We Foster Education

CardiacHealth was created in 2009 to enable making informed decisions about heart care. Heart disease, and in particular coronary artery disease (CAD), is the number one killer in America. Despite ample medical information about CAD, it is frequently difficult to find and understand, especially about options for treatment.

We Pursue Excellence

By answering a few questions, visitors to CardiacHealth will be able to get personalized information about

We Practice Honesty

Not only patients, but often doctors as well are facing a bewildering set of changing guidelines. To make things even more confusing, advertising and for-profit research have as goal to sell product, not to inform patients. Contrary to this, the only goal of CardiacHealth is to provide information about heart disease, not influenced by any commercial considerations.

We Provide Information

Too often, patients are afraid to ask doctors questions and it is only afterwards, particularly if things haven’t gone as promised, that these issues come up. This is why CardiacHealth was created and I hope you will be able to make good use of it. The questionnaires are private and personal information is protected.

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    CardiacHealth will provide you with the latest information on heart disease, cardiac risks, coronary artery disease, treatments, and other options of care.

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    CardiacHealth also offers a number of different interactive cardiac risk assessments, as well as information about heart healthy living.

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    Free Cardiac Treatment Evaluations. Make informed decisions about your own heart care.

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    By answering a few questions, you will get free, personalized information about what the optimal treatment is for patients like you.

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    Ask A Question: Submit your heart health related questions for a personal answer by Dr. Tryzelaar!

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    Joan F. Tryzelaar, MD, FACS, FACCP created CardiacHealth in 2009, a website focusing on heart disease and heart healthy living.