Try one of our questionnaires to help you better understand your risk for Coronary Artery Disease or take a FREE evaluation of your current treatment plan. Get started by answering the question that best represents your current condition.

The risk results shown in these  questionnaires are estimates only. Your actual risks may or may not be the same as the estimates shown. The answers show the estimated risks of people your same age, gender, and risk factor levels. Every person is different. Your current health status, your medical history and the traits you inherited from your family make you unique.

These  questionnaires are not meant to provide medical or other professional advice. Talk with your doctor or other healthcare professional for information specific to you and for advice in making decisions on managing your heart health. The treatment evaluation for existing coronary artery disease may help you with making the best decision regarding your own care.

I’ve had chest pains, should I be worried?

If you have chest pain right now, don’t take this test but call 911!
Originally created for physicians, this test will give you a good idea if you should be concerned that your symptoms are related to your heart.

Chest Pain Assessment

If you take the next questionnaire, you will get a FREE return email with a chest pain evaluation by me:

questionaire Personal Chest Pain Evaluation

I’ve never had chest pains, could I be at risk?

Take this assessment if you are concerned about your risk factors like weight, health factors, or family history.

questionaire 10 Year Risk Assessment

I’ve already seen a heart specialist, is my treatment plan on track?

Get a better understanding of your current treatment for Coronary Artery Disease so you can make more informed choices regarding your health.

questionaire Coronary Artery Disease Treatment Evaluation

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  1. Recently I had a CT Cardiac W WO IV Contrast heart tests done and this is one of the following results: INCIDENTAL FINDINGS: Thickening of the non-coronary cusp of aortic valve. An echocardiogram may be of benefit for further evaluation. After speaking to my GP recently he was so excited and informed me that I have no heart issues what-so-ever. I am confused due to this test report. In that test they also reported the following:
    CT Supplemental Read Study Result
    1. 7 mm soft tissue nodule in the right breast. This can be further evaluated with breast imaging, if this has not already been performed.
    2. No other significant noncardiac findings.
    GP says he has no concern….hum
    Additionally to the test they reported the following: BRONCHIAL TREE AND LUNG PARENCHYMA: Airways are patent. Small calcified granuloma noted in the right upper lobe (series 7 image #2). Linear atelectasis/scarring in the left lower lobe. No concerning focal lung lesions.
    GP again insisted I’m in excellent health….hum
    Should I be concerned?

  2. Just had a 5 day holter monitor. Showed 8PVC”S & 1,369 PAC’s It’s a month before I can get into Dr?

    What is a “normal” range for non malignant PAC’s?

  3. I have Marfan syndrome. How will I know when my aorta is going to rapture? The aneurism is at 32mm. I am 60 years old and relatively healthy.

  4. I had five stents placed in two primary arteries to my heart in
    2006. The stents were Taxus Express from Boston Scientific.

    Do they need to be serviced ? How long do they last ?

    I have had no angina…no awareness of stents.

    John Sheridan /

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