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Dr T Cardiac Risks, Treatment, Your Heart Rhythm 13 Comments

Video Q&A 4/25/2014

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  1. 3 years ago they said i had a blockage they went in and lost the stint in my left main artery 5 hours later they crushed the stint and put a bigger one into the artery mind you this wasn’t even the block artery. It’s been a real nightmare.

  2. Oh. Forgot to mention. The day before my stent, I met an 88 year old. She had 6 and had received her first at 50. I was 50 when I got mine. So looking forward to reading my 120th birthday. ๐ŸŽ‚โ˜บ

  3. I got a stent in October 2017. I think I ‘d be dead without it. They said my blockage was 99%. You feel excellent right after, but then you feel horrible, then once you’re used to the meds, you feel almost great. But I think even better days are coming. Just taking a while to get there. So if you got a stent and don’t feel too good. Keep exercising, eating right, and taking your meds. We’ll all get there. ๐Ÿ˜

    Before my stent I had the house on my chest too. The stent made what was left of that go away immediately.

  4. I am 46. I had a medicated stent put in my coronary artery with 80% blockage. I was told I had 6 months to live. I had no time to think About choices. My cardiologist went thru my right arm twice and I received a blood clot from my wrist to my elbow. And now 2 years later Iโ€™m in constant chest pain. Can anyone HELP ME?

  5. I am undergo Andioplasty 2 Arteries multiple blockage 70percent blockage and 1 arterie 90percent blockage multiple blockage also i am a pilipino

  6. When I do heavy lifting, I get short of breath,and it seems as a ton of bricks is on my chest, I went to the doctor, he said my stress test, shows I have a blockage, does this call for them to operate,or use stents

  7. Iโ€™m a Filipino who have undergo stent surgery here in Japan due to I have diagnosed a signed of Angina illness. A Iโ€™m 38 year old and I would like to know more on how to take care and prolong my life with this stent surgery. Thank you for your response. Romar

  8. You information was very useful, and would like to know more about Stent, longevity, because I have 3 Stent, and would like to know more.

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