When are overweight and obesity dangerous?

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35 YO male; I have been diagnosed with PACs and occasional PVC; I have had nuclear stress test (07), echo (08) and of course EKG (sept), all normal.  I am 5’10” 260 lbs, over weight with mildly high BP; I am trying to exercise and when I do I experience an increase in the premature beats, and this is very mild exercise; should I be worried?  Also, can gas trigger PAC/PVC? Thank you.


Your Body Mass Index (BMI)=37.3, puts you in the severely overweight category. I am concerned that in your case, exercise related PACs and PVCs indicate that ,because of your size, your heart is working harder than it is capable of. Diet & exercise are not only important for your future health, but vital for you right now.
I don’t think it is safe to exercise however, until you have had a stress ECHO of your heart.
The most common reason for early heart failure (which is what this is) is coronary artery disease:
You can calculate your risk here:
Treatment is essential and depends on what is found when you are checked out.
Until your heart has been cleared, I cannot judge whether “gas” is a problem.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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