Mitral Valve surgery for severe leakage

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Submitted by Dr T on November 5, 2011 – 8:06am

I was operated for ASD closure. Now my mitral valve slowly got damaged, over these 25 years. Now MR is severe ++++ state. I also have AFT,last three years. Now I am 63 years old. Last two years I was put on Cordorone 100 mg and the surgeon recommended me to stop this and proceed with MULTAQ 400 mg, twice a day. Surgery is planned in the next three months due to LV(D) 5.3 cm LV(S) 3.0 cm and LA being 4.6, LVEF 72%, mild to moderate PAH. Will there be any problems due to this change in medication from my earlier Cardiologist medication. I have RBBB too.

1. You have severe MR. The only treatment is surgery, with repair of your valve by far the best option.
2. Neither Cordorone or Multaq are optimal treatments for the long-term treatment of Atrial fibrillation (AF) in my opinion.
3. Your heart function is excellent, and a successful repair would greatly benefit you.
4. Your AF will most likely persist after the operation, and you should discuss the long term management in due course.
4. You will need a blood thinner for at least 3 months after the operation.
5. RBBB is not a concern at this point, and probably occurred as a result of your Atrial Septal Defedt (ASD).

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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