I have a low irregular pulse

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I have become very concerned about my low (55-65) and highly irregular pulse. Any time that I measure pulse its irregular with STOP or missed beat every 2-4 beats. My blood pressure is normal. I feel OK and a little fatigued maybe. I exercise regularly 5 times a week since 1 year now. i used to be on the border of overweight and obese. But since, I lost a lot of weight and I am on the border of being normal weight and overweight. I am asthmatic and use ventolin for exercise, but only if I get tightness in chest, I no longer need to use it for prophylaxis.

On previous health checks I had occasional missed beat, but they said its normal. They said that I also had a prolapse and small regurgitation and that was ok too. (All that was one year ago).

COuld you tell me if this prolapse could have become worse and affected pulse. Or maybe its due to exercise? I would really hate to stop exercising now that I started. Best regards.


You need another checkup that includes an EKG and a cardiac ECHO, as well as blood tests.
It sounds like you have a symptomatic arrhythmia or a heart block, while your mitral valve prolapse may have become worse, all of which needs to be examined.
You can read more here:

You may also have a condition called atrial fibrillation:
Or a slow heart rate caused by a blockage in your conduction system:
Please check these links for more information about palpitations and PVCs:
If you have abnormal heart beats, there are some things you can do to lessen their frequency. They include avoiding caffeine, nicotine and other toxins.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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