Heart block and exercise

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Submitted by Dr T on May 13, 2013 – 3:04pm

Reading a recent medical report I noted the following:”bifascicular block”, sinus bradycardia”, Right bundle branch block”, this after an EKG last week for short period of pain in the middle of the chest. (I feel OK now, swam slowly for 30 minutes this morning (3 times a week for the last several years – and feel better afterward – – but if I dig some dirt in the yard for planting holes of tomatoes or other plants – I can become exhausted quickly (while swimming 30 minutes slowly does not tire me) – I don’t know what physical limits I should place on my self?  I take atenolol, losaran, 1/2 pill hydroc.thiszd, and hytrin.  I generally feel OK everyday. DOB 8/27/33.  Thank you very much for any advise or suggestions.  Chris.
Hi Chris,
The combination of heart block and bradycardia indicates you may need a pacemaker implant in the nearby future. To see whether your heart rhythm affects your health (as I suspect), ask for a stress test. This will also check whether you have coronary asrtery disease.
This will demonstrate how your heart response to exercise.
Hope this helps,

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