Green Bean Casserole

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While I am waiting for my  nutritional and culinary team of Angelina & Pieter to join me and take over this segment of the website, a friend sent me this recipe – just in time for our Thanksgiving diner.

To put things in perspective, this side dish adds 212 to what promises to be well over 1000 calories for the whole diner if you compile it with all the other goodies this holiday will offer. However, I assume we will all retire after this extravaganza, hibernate the winter away with the “tha Bears” and wake up lean & mean in spring – yeah right!

We tried it out, as our Thanksgiving was early this year, changing the frozen “French Style” green beans to the fresh variety and indeed real sherry (instead of the cooking variety). Why do people buy that stuff anyway? Real sherry costs about the same, tastes great, can be used repeatedly in sauces etc. and is a great aperitif. While a medical student in Holland, sherry was a staple in my cupboard. If lucky enough to be able to invite (lure?) a guest of the female persuasion up to my room, sherry was expected to break the ice. Occasionally it worked, too.

To minimize the caloric and other nutritional overloads, most of us limited the goodness on our plates to a spoonful of each dish; even so at the end that belt had to be loosened a notch or so.

Hope you like it, it is a great dish for other occasions as well,

Dr T

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