Atrial Fibrillation with Hypertension and almost fainting

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Hi, I have had AF for 15yrs and was on no medication, I had a stroke 2 yrs ago and was informed i had previously had a stroke about 5 mths earlier. I’m now on coumadin,sotolol and lipitor to prevent another stroke. I don’t smoke,rarely drink and am overweight & 3 days ago had a blood pressure test as i keep feeling like i’m about to faint. Blood pressure was 129/99 and pulse 103. I’ve always had reasonably low blood pressure so can you suggest what might be causing this and do i need to rush to a Doctor for consult. The AF(atrial fibrilation) was originally noticed when i had severe stress and collapsed.   Thankyou


Both your blood pressure and heart rate are too fast. This alone means there is room for adjustment of your medications. On the other hand, since you have had AF for many years, it is unlikely this alone causes you to feel faint, unless your heart function has deteriorated considerably.

Thus, I am concerned something in your rhythm has changed. This requires blood tests, an EKG and probably a 24 hr Holter monitor test, and probably a cardiac ECHO.

You can look at these links for more information:

I am also concerned you may have developed coronary artery disease. Women often have atypical symptoms that frequently go unrecognized:

Your risk:

Hope this helps,

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