Clarification following CABG

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Submitted by Dr T on March 16, 2014 – 10:19am

Dear Dr T,
I underwent CABG x3 in Sept 2012 and have recently had access to my medical reports and I was wondering if I could trouble you to explain some of the medical terms to me.
1. Result of catheterisation pre-op showed ‘right coronary artery had no obstructive disease. The left main stem had a critical distal lesion – 90% and this was a true bifurcation lesion involving the ostia of both the left circumflex and LAD. The LAD had some mild disease after a large diagonal branch. The left circumflex had no other significant disease apart from the ostium. Left ventricular function was good.
2. Intra operatively patient had a pedicle LIMA anastomosed to the LAD, vein graft to the diagonal, vein graft to OM1.
I heard the term widow maker mentioned to me on the ward, is this what I had with some or one of my blockages Dr T? I was also wondering, based on the pre-op findings, just how serious was my situation back then?
Many thanks for listening
Hi James,
Hope this helps,

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