Bill Clinton, 2010 Man Of The Year

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BILL CLINTON, former U.S. President, speaking during a visit to Haiti, where he called for reconstruction efforts to continue despite the post-election uncertainty that has grown into violence and warnings of protests.*

While former President Bill Clinton didn’t make  it as TIME magazine 2010 Man Of The Year, he was PETA‘s, the result of a huge personal commitment to eating healthier, laying off his previous diet of meat & potatoes. The slim Clinton in the picture above, indicates how successful he has been.

While PETA claims that vegetarians and vegans live on average 10 years longer than meat-eaters, the real message of Mr. Clinton’s achievement is to show what dieting (and exercise) can achieve. Diet, weight loss and exercise are things that everybody can manage with success at a much lesser cost than medications and interventions, and without all the potential side effects and complications of procedures.

Whether Mr. Clinton’s improved health will protect him from future cardiac events is uncertain, but as a physician and surgeon I can only applaud his commitment. Anybody reading this blog, should take his message to heart.

An unanticipated evolution of this website (and my own) is a growing commitment to other health care solutions than the choice of different coronary artery interventions (my original intend), such a diet and exercise, nutrition advice and heart healthy recipes. The exponential growth in readership since April of this year when the site went life, seems to indicate my public agrees!

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