Alone with Palpitations and PVCs

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I am a 39 year old healthy female who first experienced PVC’S over a year ago. I went to the ER and had all the necessary tests run. They all came back clean as a whistle and the doctor sent me on my way. I have a history of anxiety and have been off and on medication for years. I am 7 years sober and live a relatively stress free life. At the time I do believe there were some stressors involved. Marital strife and financial worry. The PVC’s lasted 2 weeks and then stopped. During that time my husband was out of town and I was terrified but realized after much reading and joining support groups that I was going to be okay.

Over a month ago my husband who was out of town working and I had a falling out and decided to separate. It was all conducted without speaking to each other and I’ve been feeling okay about it all. It seemed a long time coming. However it has been a stressful month with a lot of different emotions (we are married 6 years). Last week I got sick. Some chest cold, sinus infection. These are farely common as I have perennial allergies. I went on antibiotics. My husband got back into town around this time (he’s staying at a friend’s) and all of the sudden the PVC’s started. They have been consistent for over a week now and I’m just frustrated and scared. I don’t have health insurance and I don’t want to go to the ER again. I wait tables and have managed to get through work and am still breathing. I am trying to remain calm and not give in to the anxiety. Do you think they are stress related? I also read that nerve irritation can be a cause (all the violent coughing I was doing last week perhaps?). I’m just alone and scared and just need some sort of reassurance. Thank you,


If you live a “relatively stress free life”, I don’t know what stress is. Of course you are scared, and being alone must make it so much worse! The best I can do for you is to show that, most likely, you are quite safe from a cardiac point of view. If all your tests came back as normal only a year ago, it is VERY unlikely that your rhythm has suddenly become dangerous.
The things you were tested for last year should have included blood tests, an EKG, probably a Holter monitor test and a Cardiac ECHO. If they all came back normal you should be quite safe. The things you can do meanwhile to help lessen the frequency of these PVCs include avoiding caffeine, nicotine and other toxins.
Please check these links for more information about palpitations and PVCs:
You’ll find these are rather common complaints and most people don’t need treatment, only reassurance once their heart proves OK. In your daughter’s case, she needs more testing, both of her Thyroid gland and her heart rhythm.
Read these, get those tests done and come back if you still have questions for me,
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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