Cardiac Health Video Q&A 4/25/2014

Even though I had some technical problems before and during the presentation, I believe this video session was a worthy first endeavor:

The associated PowerPoint Presentation can be found here. I have made some minor changes to make it easier to view. The associated links will redirect you to the appropriate web pages.

Please complete this questionnaire if you'd like to participate in the next live video session. I need the information ahead of time!

Dr T


Since I don't know your

Since I don't know your condition I cannot answer your question.

Dr T

Re: Your question

Re: Your question (Abnormal EKG with RBBB, skippy heart rhythm and an occasional extra hard beat following  the missed beat.  These have presented for years, occasional light headed when crouching and standing. Low heart rate 50 lower at night when asleep. 

Had tests done 4 years ago for same symptoms, normal.)


You are very welcome. I hope you found the answer to your question about Right Bundle Branch Block etc. helpfull,

Dr T