When Are New PVCs Dangerous?

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Submitted by Dr T on June 8, 2014 – 8:45am

Have PVCs, more when relaxing, had holter am going for stress test and echo. No pain or shortness of breath. Given 20 mg of propranolol. On meds for HBP, now BP is very low 121/53. Should I discontinue the BP meds? Am 62 yr old female. Are these PVCs life threatening. They came out of nowhere two months ago.

The cardiac tests are done to find out whether you have coronary artery or other heart disease, the most important factors to exclude when new onset PVCs occur. They include blood tests, an echocardiogram and often a cardiac stress test

If you don’t have significant underlying coronary artery disease, your PVCs are probably not dangerous. If the tests show youi have coronary artery disease, you should be treated as the new PVCs indicate you have a heart problem. Women often have atypical symptoms compared to men

Your blood pressure is now normal, not “very low”. Blood pressures medications should be used together with a heart healthy lifestylePropanolol is very safe to use and you are treated with a very low dose. Don’t stop!

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