What is a Myoview stress test

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What is a test that is called Non Congenital and stress Exercise Myoview is this one test or 2 different ones. This is what I need to get but I want to know is it painful? or does it hurt any at all and how is it done? thank you


It is an exercise stress test that will test you for the presence of coronary artery disease. More specifically, it includes imaging of your heart, and is called a MIBI, Cardiolite, Myoview or Thallium stress test.

The non-invasive assessment of coronary artery disease via treadmill stress testing can detect blockages significant enough to prevent adequate blood flow to the heart during exercise. The radioactive material be it Technetium (MIBI, Cardiolite, Myoview) or Thallium, is injected into a vein at some time during the test. Nuclear imaging is then begun generally within 30 minutes of injection of the radionuclide activity and a series of pictures taken that show areas of your heart that may or may not have inadequate blood supply. Total duration of time for imaging varies between 15 and 30 minutes.

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It should be entirely painless other than the IV stick!
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