What does right atrial hypertrophy mean? What treatments are available?

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Right atrial hypertrophy or enlargement is a result an increased amount of blood in the Right Atrium. This can be due to obstruction downstream, backwards flow across a leaking (“tricuspid”) valve, a defect in the wall between the Left and Right Atrium (an “Atrial-Septal Defect”), or a conduction abnormality to name a few possibilities. It can be diagnosed by EKG, cardiac ECHO and a variety of other tests.

Treatment depends on the underlying cause and may require an operation to fix the abnormality. If the cause is a high blood pressure in the artery to your lungs, it may involve medications if it is due to primary lung disease, and surgery if the cause is a leaky or obstructed Left sided (“Mitral”) valve.

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Some of the causes thus include:

  1. ASD (Atrial Septal Defect)
  2. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease)
  3. Pulmonic valve stenosis
  4. Tricuspid valve stenosis + Insufficiency
  5. Mitral valve stenosis + Insufficiency
  6. R+L ventricular failure or CHF (Congestive Heart Failure) .

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  1. Hi:
    My ECG Test states that I have a borderline Enlargement of my Right Ventricle, my right Atrium is enlarged, a thickened aorta, a thickened mitral valve. My symptoms are: chest pain with tightness, shortness of breath when climbing stairs, weakness after workouts, mild swelling in ankles.

  2. My MRI results state :- ATRIA
    Left atrium: 26 cm2 (normal value <24 cm2).
    Right atrium: 28 cm2 (normal value <22 cm2).

    I have many unresolved symptoms, the worst being neurological, that I am trying to find the cause of.
    Are my atria enlarged enough to manifest any symptoms or is it mild?

  3. Can increased swelling in the left leg be a symptom of this right atrial hypertrophy.
    I have it and they just keep putting me on lasix, I also have high blood pressure and family history of chf

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