Was CPR the right thing to do?

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hi I did cpr on man about 60yrs on sunday, he fell his head was split and he was chasing boys at the time he has had heart problems before , i did it never stopped.  ambulance eventually came about 10 -15 mins i thought he was dead as they shocked him also, but now he is on ventilator and was sent for a scan he still is in intensive care with ventilator what could this mean? could i have done this any better ? i didnt give mouth to mouth


CPR is all about getting blood to the brain. The new guidelines for CPR that just came out support what you did.  It is debatable whether this man’s brain did not get enough oxygen vs. the result from the injury he sustained, or even whether he is on life support because of his brain or his heart.


The reality of CPR is that it is often ineffective because the victim is found “lifeless” and you don’t know how long they were like this before your arrival. Most people don’t want to get involved in accidents and only act as curious bystanders. If you are not trained in CPR but nonetheless took action, that is what you need to remember and you should be proud of it.

In my career as a heart surgeon I dealt with many emergencies, and afterwards I always reviewed (publicly and privately in my mind) what I could have done different or better. If you don’t, you don’t learn!

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  1. I strongly agree with Dr T’s response. In emergency cases, one should only think of how can he help someone to revive his/her consciousness or at least do something to give some first aid depending on the need/circumstance that arise.Whether you did it right or not at least you won’t be bothered by your conscience for doing nothing and just look at the victim till he dies.You just did what you think is right at that very moment and just performed your duty as a good Samaritan and citizen.

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