Very high heart pressures after ASD closure

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Submitted by Dr T on July 19, 2011 – 8:20am

Respected sir,
I am from India. My wife was operated for ASD in 1996 when she was 23. For last three years she is having a heart rate of 120 and a very high RSVP (50-60). Her heart rate became normal after Defibrillation in February 2010 but RSVP pressure is very high. Latest echo done on 15/7/2011 shows an RSVP pressure of 110. Cardiologist is prescribing1. Sildenafil 25mg thrice in a day,2. Bosentas 125mg twice a day  (for last six months or so)and3. Cardirone200mg twice a day  (For last 2Her RSVP pressure is increasing regularly. Is there any other treatment or procedure to lower her RSVP pressure. What are the chances of her survival. Both her ventricles are enlarged. Thanks

These high pressures are definitely a concern. First thing to do is to find out why and there are many causes including untreated residual congenital heart and/or lung disease. I assume she has had many ECHOs:
but maybe she should have what is called a right heart catheterization:
Hope this was helpful,
Dr T

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