The future of healthcare in the US

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On Healthcare:

What is the alternative to ObamaCare?  None has ever been proposed by the Republicans other than canceling it altogether.

The Affordable Care Act has been talked about widely in the media. However, an issue yet to be discussed is what happens with those patients w/o insurance if ObamaCare legislation is repealed. In the past and probably also these days, patients have received medical care irrespective of their insurance status, a cost borne by the hospitals and health care providers involved.

Under RomneyCare the same will occur again.  It is naïve and incorrect to assume these patients will simply disappear, or that somehow magically the costs will be covered by other as yet undetermined means.

One thing is clear: if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, the number of uninsured will increase dramatically, but not their need for medical care. How will that cost be covered?

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