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Prior to extensive surgery a stent was placed as a precaution to prevent clotting.  My surgery in 2011 went fine, but the stent could not be removed in 2012.  I’m scheduled to see the vascular surgeon who did the stent and failed removal.
What risks are there to leaving the stent in place?  I get the feeling that the sent could be removed but it would be more involved than simply “hooking” the stent and removing it as was attempted in 2011.
I feel fine.  I’m 38 years old and in good health.
Stents cannot be removed. Any surgeon who tells you it is just a simple operation is just wrong, certainly if time has gone by. If absolutely necessary, the segment of the involved artery can be resected and then replaced with an artificial graft. In general it is much easier to perform a bypass operation and leave the stent alone.
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  1. I just had a stent put in 2 weeks ago. I am having a life threatening allergic reaction and need it removed. I don’t know who to see. I will not see the surgeon that put it in again as I told him what would happen and he was very arrogant and dismissive about all my concerns. I would like to see a good surgeon. Couldn’t they just bypass the area and then cut out the area with the stent?

    1. I am having the same issue and I have been looking for someone to remove mine as well. Have had no luck thus far.

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