Something is wrong with my heart and circulation

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Submitted by Dr T on January 5, 2011 – 11:08am

Can you help with a suggestion.  At 3 was sick for 3 months with stevens johnsons syndrom.   It started the story of my life.At 33 i had a MI  (lad).   At 35 i flunked the tilt table test.  I have been hospitalized many times for White count issues after I have fainted for what ever reason. I have Reynauds syndrom, tmj, arthritis, bursitis and the pain in my shoulder blades is so tender all the time.  Thank you Stevens Johnsons.  My family history is v-tech, valve  issues, MI issues, vascular issues.
I am now 42. having dizzy spells, ekg (3 of them ) ok, stress test showed over 1mm st issue, and something in the medium wall.  I went in for a cath and it was all clean Stent included.
Something is still so wrong.  I am only 20 pounds overweight, I can not walk from my car to the front door without feeling very dizzy, have to go down before I GO DOWN,  the sensation in my arms and legs are too weak to move, the ringing in my head and vision are all out.  Breathing becomes very labored and deep.  After sitting or laying for at least 1/2 hour it slowly stops and I am almost better – I have jaw pain but i have tmj so it hurts all the time anyways. I know my body and know something is wrong do you have any thoughts?

Although I am not expert in S-J Syndrome, it is unlikely to be related to anything to do with your heart.

In terms of your heart, if you had a positive stress test with ST-T changes and your coronary were OK  on cardiac catherization, I am concerned you may have coronary artery spasm, or micro vascular disease (especially because of Raynaud’s disease elsewhere). You may also want to look more about heart disease in women.

What about things you can avoid such as smoking, your cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure?
They all contribute to your risk for developing heart disease.

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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