sinus rhythm supraventricular ectopics

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Submitted by Dr T on February 8, 2011 – 6:31pm

i have just got my results back from cardiology after having multiple skip beats of my heart every day for the last month i have had them on and of for the last 3 years . could you tell me why they are worse at night please and also i get pauses of my heart . when i get them they can last for hours at a time .this is my results blood pressure 141/89 . ECG showed sinus rhythm what is this ? and supraventricular ectopics.echocardiogram showed good LV? systolic function with EF of 60 and LA is 4.05cm ? LV diameters are within normal limits . please explain im worried .

Your blood pressure is a little high, everything else is fine. showing normal heart function. Ectopic heartbeats are small variations in an otherwise normal heartbeat that causes an irregular pulse. They may occur without an obvious cause and are usually harmless.
Sometimes they are associated with chemical (electrolyte) problems in the blood, which need treatment. They can also happen by a decrease in blood supply to the heart.

Ectopic beats may be caused or made worse by excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeine, certain medications such as stimulants, and some illicit drugs. Most ectopic heartbeats do not require treatment. The condition is treated if your symptoms are severe or if the extra beats occur very frequently. An underlying cause, if discovered, may also require treatment.

I have blogged about palpitations and VT before. You can read more about that here:

You’ll find these are rather common complaints and most people don’t need treatment, only reassurance once their heart proves OK.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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