Should I see a cardio dr ….. or trust the findings

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Submitted by Dr T on May 29, 2012 – 8:28am

I am a 39 year old black male 5’11 221 no history of health issues my mothe expired at 58 due not taking her high blood pressure meds. my father has high blood pressure and typ e 2 db and smokes I do not smoke and a social drinker. I have a stressful job but up untill about 7months ago i worked put 4 days a  week including running 3 miles . at this point I gained weight  252  . on  4/6 2012 I had a pain in left upper ribs which sppresd to my left pec only lasted 20 sec. no breathing probs following day more pain in the left and so forth  only lasted 10 to 15 sec . so I consulted webmd and based on my symptons er visit.1st visitbp 133/60h rate 86  er dr ekg normal x ray normal blood high ckmb wanted to rule out the heart so wanted to ob me while trop test came back . next morning new doc said triop was neg felt t was muscular not heart related said idid not need myocardial perfusion stress with lexiscan of echo with doppler . dischargedpain would not go away  same durations and type and now some pain in left arm and shdlr. went back to er 2 days laternew er dr  performed ct scan of chest ruled out pulmonary embolism gave rx of 800mg ip for week dr said muscular not heart.symptons spread by sunday to right pec and rigth arm aslo sharp headaches that last only 10 to 30 sec and thumbs have sharp pains non at the same time . so i went back to er and ahd the works . myocardial perfusion stess test results ekg os neg no ischemia hemodynamic respones was approprite lexiscan spect findings normal perfusion to the myocarduim no evidence of reversilbe prefusion defect gated ej fraction mes 60% study. echo two din impressionleft vetn normal insize with norm systolic fucaortic value normal leaflet excursionaortic root normal left atrimand right are normal in dimensionno pericardial effusion noteeddoppler mild tri reguritationmild mitral regurconslusion normal left vent size and systolic funtionnormal left and right atrial and right vent dimensionsdoppler exam essentially unremakableI did have a high ck level 194 ckmb 2.04 ckmb reletive index 1.1but trop was neg so docs discharged me said muscular . tokk meds rested pain is not as stong but still comes and my left eye muscle somtimes feels like a sty so i went to my doc said it was not the heart. it is stress . othe pain meds pain is slowly getting better  i have dropped 31 pounds cut out the crap food all vegan and alot of frash green jucice i make i walk and back to my doc been a month still some pains not as intense pain was a 5to 6 now 2 to 3 happens at any time blood pessure 122 72 good oxgen doc said agin it is stress . with all my family’s history and painis slowly going down but stiil getting pains all over should i seek a second opinion ?thank you for your time in advance best regards , mel

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