Safe Heart rates in Marfan Syndrome

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Submitted by Dr T on July 5, 2011 – 1:59pm


Can you tell me what is a safe heart rate for someone with Marfan syndrome during exercise? I have seen 100 bpm suggested, but that is quickly reached even while walking. I seem to be able to do very little exercise at all beforehitting this limit.

Where did you read this? You are quite right, a heart rate of 100 BPM is very easily reached without much exercise and you cannot live your life like that. The presence of Marfan Syndrome doesn’t mean you are disabled, it means you are at risk for some of the vascular complications of Marfan’s. Although most patients with Marfan’s eventually develop some cardiac and vascular complications, this is best followed with regular check-ups at a center with experience in this disease. Meanwhile, your doctors should consider Beta blockers. That will keep your heart rate down even during exercise and meanwhile protect you against the risks of an Aortic dissection (tear).
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