Results of the first one thousand evaluations of our Cardiac Surgery Risk Assessment Calculator

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Submitted by Dr T on March 2, 2011 – 3:42pm

1012 Questionnaires using our Cardiac Surgery Risk Assessment Calculator  have now been answered. I thought it would be interesting to analyze some of the results and show what they look like. The results are listed here:

Information like this becomes interesting, once many records from the same source are entered. In my own practice, I created a database in 1985 that I used till retirement for the data collection and subsequent analysis of medical information of my own patients. The Cardiac Surgery Risk Assessment Calculator, like the STS Risk score,  is just another tool that allows individual surgeons to collect and analyze information to do the same.

In its present form, the input  is limited to preoperative information. For it to become truly useful, intra & postoperative data  are needed. We will be developing additional tools that will make that possible. For now, we will make the raw data available to anyone interested, and look forward to your input.

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