Resting heart rate of 114 in 28 yr old female

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Submitted by Dr T on June 23, 2013 – 11:03am

I’m really hoping you can give me some advice on whether I should see my doctor about this. I’m 28, female, and a student nurse, almost qualified. I have no health conditions that I know of, although I do smoke and my diet could be better. I sometimes feel light headed and dizzy but I have always assumed that’s because I don’t eat. I felt dizzy a few days ago but I was working a 13.5 day and all I’d eaten was a twix candy bar, about nine hours into a busy shift.My blood pressure is usually fine, heart rate usually normal. When I wake up my HR is usually around 58. However yesterday on shift I was messing around with some other nurses and we had a look what our oxygen saturations were using a sats probe which also measures HR. My sats were 100% but my heart rate was 118! It was 118 then dropped to 114, then dropped to 104. Before standing up I was sitting and writing at the nurses station. In our hospital a heart rate of 118 would mean we’d call the doctor for the patient. I’m apyrexial, all other observations are fine, so I am a bit worried.My question is should I see my doctor? There is a male nurse that I was working with that I find very attractive, although he is married, but that does not stop me from having a crush on him, and as I was messing around with him I thought maybe that’s why my HR was high? When I got home that night I checked my HR and it was 68. I checked it manually before writing this email and it was 65. Should I see my doctor or assume the high HR was due to the male nurse?Any advice you have will be appreciated. Thank youKind regardsCharlotte

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