Recovery PVCs

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I have no health issues but sometimes have pvcs. Sometimes, I notice that I get them after exercise. After reading info about a study that was recently done saying that people with pvcs after exercise are more likely to die, I am now afraid to exercise. Are people with pvcs after exercise a lot more likely to die? Like what percentage? I wish I never read that study.A:

In that study, published in 2008, recovery PVCs were related to coronary artery disease (CAD) and evidence of cardiac ischemia (insufficient blood supply). If your heart has checked out OK, you are not at risk.
“… everyone with recovery pvcs has, or is at risk for heart disease…” thus only applies to patients with coronary artery disease who have recovery PVCs, not the other way around (PVCs do not mean you have CAD). Other than that, anyone with new PVCs or other arrhythmias should be checked out for a host of potential other problems and thus may require extensive testing:

You can check here to see what your risks are:
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