PVCs and PACs

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I am a 46 yr old female. My problem is pvc and pac’s. I have had a stress test, persantine stress thallium, echo, and holtor monitor. All normal except holtor, doc say benign pvc and pac. 48 hr holtor showed 0.2 % pvc and 0.2 % pac. My question is why is it that some days are worst then others. Some days not to bad other day a real bother. Now does this put me at risk for CAD. My father dies of a MI at 59 and my uncle 51.Mother fine no HX of CAD. EF for me was 68 %. I am a very anxious person, now some doctors say that stress can cause my pvc and another doctor says no. I dont know what to believe anymore.How  often should a person get checked at my age with the family HX. Normal BP not diabetic.Also when should someone go to emerg when having pvc. Cant run there every time I get them. I sometimes get sharp pains in my chest but just a second. Any info would be great. Thanks
Hi Lise, It seems you are not accepting all these test results: all negative. This means you don’t have to worry!
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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