PVCs and PACs are usually benign

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Submitted by Dr T on May 14, 2013 – 10:16am

Dear Dr. I am urologist in IRAN 64 years old and since 1983 until now with a sever anxiety and depression and treatment had no effect.from 10 years ago i had PAC 1-5 days per week and last 3 to 12 hours (2 to 10 pac per min.). In 2011 with a sever PAC(2normal and one PAC)I hospitalized in ccu and discharched after 4 days and I had no PAC for 6 months after that I had PAC once or twice per week 2 t0 10 pac per min. and some times I had no PAC for 10 to 20 days since2011 I use propranolol 10 mg. TDS .
all my exam. are normal no diabets and cholestrol 290 with ldl 190 and hdl 35 .BP 90/60.pulse 60-85 per min..Echo  normal EF=60 with mild mitral prolapse and no chest pain.I am 57 kg. and163 cm hieght Ilost my job because of anxiey and I am at home. What must I do? Please Please help me.
Thank you

As a physician you should already know the answer: You don’t have anything to worry about. The great majority of PACs are completely benign and require little if any treatment at all.  In rare cases, PACs may be a sign of underlying heart disease.

PVCsPACs etc. are all arrhythmias for which drugs like beta blockers and diltiazem are often used to reduce their frequency and incidence.

However, your high cholesterol (and may be other cardiac risks) should prompt you to consider a more heart healthy lifestyle. To calculate your risk for developing heart disease with high cholesterol, use our Cardiac Risk Assessment questionnaire.

Hope this helps,

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