PVC and Flying


Submitted by Dr T on September 10, 2011 – 2:36pm

I am 43 yrs old healthy male who was diagnosed with harmless PVCs. Before one year i have done my routine stress ECG and heart ECHO and all results come back normal. Three month later i was diagnosed with harmless PVCs and my doctor have considered my normal stress ecg and echo to prove that my PVCs are harmless and has no underlying heart disease….I was also suffering from PVCs in y2004 and at that time and after several tests i was told there are harmless….. my question1- Is a 3 month old Stress ECG and Echo and considered when evaluating something like PVC…. especially if they are not new and i was having them in y20042- I am planning to travel by aircraft in 10days time and a bit concerned if fear of flying and flying phobia has any effect of my PVCs or can cause any heart arrhythmia that can worse my PVCs.I am asking this question as i have what is called fear of flying phobia and during the flight i really feel uncomfortable and my heart beats a bit fast and i feel palpitation ….. this is a typical symptoms for people who have such type of fear. I hope my question was clear and looking forward to have an answer from your end soon.

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      He did. Actually he met his husband during that flight and lived happy ever after.
      No joke. He still has PVCs but they are not killing him.

      Source: He’s my uncle.

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