Of men and women’s reproductive health

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After the recent vile remarks by a certain talk-show host about women’s sexual and reproductive health, today a Ohio legislator introduced legislation to demand equal treatment of a man’s reproductive health: Viagra and the little blue bill of Ohio. The bill would demand that a doctor certifies the patient has experienced erectile dysfunction, as well as testify the patient is healthy enough for sexual activity (as every “boner pill” ad suggests anyway, including promises for men to be ready anytime the moment is right).

It reminds me of the 2009 CBS News article about Rush Limbaugh who was found with a bottle of Viagra in his bag when he returned from a vacation to the Dominican Republic. As he later said: “I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it.” This statement suggests Mr. Limbaugh used his prescription not only as treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), but also as a recreational drug. ED is of course a complication of many other health issues, including obesity and smoking, both abundantly obvious in Mr. Limbauch’s case.

Apart from questioning his lack of morals, did he pay for his prescription, or was it covered under his medical insurance plan, just as it probably paid for his OxyContin drug habit?

Or was he simply part of an (early) undercover White House Secret Service detail, doing his duty for his country and its President?

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