Obesity and Economics

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Submitted by Dr T on April 4, 2011 – 3:08pm

While I recognize that Mr. Gingrich’s recent speech about chocolate, beer and tough choices, was meant to just raise a few chuckles (which it did, even if it was besides the point), he might want to take a look at a recent speech by First Lady Michelle Obama on the Economic Consequences of Obesity, as well other economic data on obesity.

Not only is he (and every other overweight man or woman) at risk for all the ailments associated with obesity, he also contributes to the $147 billion/year it costs society to take care of this segment of the US population. He might thus want to consider the benefits of diet & exercise:

Mr Speaker, chocolate is a known reducer of LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure; you are doing something right already (moderation is key – indeed one of these tough choices)!



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