Obesity and a decreased heart function

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I have had chest pain for a bit and went to see a cardiac Dr. He did a cath and said that I have a moderately depressed ej.35-40%. He also wants me to get checked for sleep apnea. I am 43 yr old female with a strong family history of heart attack! ( My father died at 47 from a massave heart attack and my mother had 2 light heart attacks at 25) Neither one went to dr’s much, so I’m not sure what the whole picture is. I always feel fatigued and tired. My dr. put me on Lisiporil every day and I am going to get the sleep apnea study done. What are my chances of death from this? I weigh 240.lbs and am 5″4 white. I also have 3 crushed discs in my c spine and spinal stenosis.
You have a number of problems that include a decreased heart function and obesity. Your fatigue may be a result of a combination of your weight problem and a decreased heart function that can not support the circulation to your body. I’d also be concerned about a condition called Pulmonary hypertension. Lisinopril is often used in this situation.

However, the most common cause of a decreased heart function is coronary artery disease and may lead to heart failure eventually. Obesity is a severe threat to your life, especially with a BMI of 41.2 (obesity class III). Sleep apnea is a common problem with obese people, but I would also test your cholesterol and perform a stress ECHO to check you for Pulmonary Hypertension.
In addition, I would strongly recommend life style changes, diet & exercise. This is the time; you are still young enough to make a change for the better!

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