My EKG shows an MI. Should I have more tests

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Submitted by Dr T on December 23, 2010 – 9:26am

Dear Sir,Extremely sorry to bother you. I am 33 years old.I had an EKG that said Normal Sinus Rhythm, Septal Infarction and heart rate 103 bpm. I was sufering from severe physical and mental stress for almost a week before the EKG. I had a very mild chest pain in the extreme left side of breast which was occasional for a day or two. Now after 2 days I am back to my normal routine and without any chest pain. I would like to know that whether that EKG can be relied on and should I go ahead with another tests.

EKGs don’t lie! The reading shows you have had an heart attack (MI). This means permanent damage. Most likely, this involves a blockage in the artery in the front of your heart.
You can read more about this here:
About causes:
These are all risk factors for atherosclerosis:
…that has caused coronary artery disease:
… and your MI:
What needs to happen next, is to find out to what extent this has damaged your heart function, and what can and/or needs to be done about it (in your case a stress test for starters):
…and finally treatment, which will include medications, life style changes and specific therapy for your heart disease:
I gave you a lot of home work! Finally, check your risk of heart disease:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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