My dad continues to have chest pain after stress test

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my father is hypertensive and 40 years old.the other day he suddenly got high bp and was taken to ER.the bp was fluctuating too much but got under control.the very next day the doctor performed stress test which didnot involve and other cardiac tests like echo came out to be perfectly fine,but after he got back home he was experiencing weakness,and occasional pinching pain on left side of chest.wot was the reason of this pain if the cardiac tests were normal. thanx


A stress test w/o exercise is not a stress test. I am also concerned about what you have told me: Considering that he has had a sudden change in blood pressure, the cause still needs to be found. As your dad is at risk for heart disease and stroke this still needs to be excluded. There are many reasons for chest pain, look here:
There are a variety of tests that can be done this situation, that include a real stress test (I suggests a stress ECHO)or a thallium or a sestamibi cardiac perfusion scan.
If you know your dad’s cholesterol, you can calculate his risks here:
Hope this helps,
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