My child has WPW

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Submitted by Dr T on September 12, 2011 – 8:49am

Hello,My son was diagnosed with WPW about a month ago. They saw it on an EKG he had done. They put him on a 24 hr Holter monitor and caught his heart rate as high as 175. When we saw the Dr. last week, he said he didn’t want to do anything for it and for me just to watch him. It makes me very nervous, he has had some spells in the past where he gets really dizzy and short of breath, that’s why we initially went to see the Cardiologist, I was just wondering if it is okay to do nothing about it or if I should seek a 2nd opinion?Thank you,

With symptomatic WPW, as in your son’s case, he should be further evaluated.Not every cardiologist is an specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of WPW, which usually requires an “EP study”, and occasionally a procedure called “radio frequency ablation”.

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