Murmurs and risk of heart disease

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Submitted by Dr T on May 30, 2011 – 8:49am

Six years ago went to a new doctor. She said that everything was normal but Ihad a murmur. I nevet had a doctor tell me I had a murmur and I was shocked. I returned to the docter several years later and she said I no longer had the murmur and she gavve me an ekg and let it run for longer than normal and said it was perfect. She checked me over throughly and found no symptoms of heart problems and told me my lungs were clear and I was heathy.
I am 56 years old 6ft tall and 175 pounds. I am pretty healthy and do regular exercise. My question is,can a murmur just disappear? Also over the past six years I have allergies that stop up my ears and I can hear my heartbeat. My heart makes this sound,lub dub ,lub dub,lub dub,lub dub, dub dub ,luh dub. I can hear it in my ears off and on.It has worried me alot and she said she could never heart it.To me it sounds like normal heartbeat and on the fifth beat a gallop sound. I dont really have any signs of heart problems and my blood pressure is good,so im wondering what im hearing? Anything you can tell me would help and is appreciated. Also I wanted to mention to you over the years I happen to visit different doctors when moving and they never mentioned a murmur. Thanks in advance .

It is more likely your murmur was misdiagnosed, either now or in the past! The best way to settle this is with a cardiac ECHO:
The noise you hear in your ears is the sound of a normal heart beat and some people are more sensitive to these than others.
You can calculate here whether you are at risk for heart disease:
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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