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Submitted by Dr T on March 30, 2011 – 7:43am

I have been diagnosed with a fib and am now on lopresser medicaton 50 mg 2x day.  Had to go to er 3 weeks ago for heart rate of 170 for over 3 hours.  today my heart rate has been around 120-130 all day.  I was told I could take an extra lopresser so I have and it hasn’t made a difference.  At what point should I contact my doctor or go to the er?  I also have taken 1/2 a xanax ok’d by my doctor.

Now! If nothing else your A fib is poorly controlled and needs further adjustment. It could be caused by other factors, or it could be a new arrhythmia. You can read more here:
In the meantime, are you taking a blood thinner? If not, you need one! There are new drugs available that are a lot easier to take than the traditional blood thinner, Coumadin:
Hope this helps,
Dr T


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