Mitral valve leakage symptoms

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Submitted by Dr T on April 16, 2013 – 12:07pm

I dont smoke, nor drink, I am 37 yrs old fem with 3 children, 2 natural births, 1 c section. have hashimotos thyroiditis since i was 20yrs at which time was also diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and mild regurgitation “not significant”. Since then I’ve had 3 more echos , 1 said again mild regurgit , 1 was completely clear!!!! , and one last year said mild regurg in 3 valves really don’t know what to think . all echos were done in different labs. also have gerd and erosive gastritis. I exercise on the treadmill or in a stadium nearby for 30mins to an hour doing fast walks.i also live on the second floor with no elevator so i climb about 40 steps. I watch my diet, and have very normal high hdl (61) low ldl and very low triglykerides.
question today i was taking my son to the hospital for a dermatologist apptment. I climbed 53 steps and i got something like a chest pain which scared me to death!! on the way back OF COURSE it didn;t happen again so I don’t know what to make of it. no heart disease in my family. I suffer from anxiety/panic disorder with flashbacks of disturbing and intrusive thoughts ever since last year after a surgery i had where i had panic in the o.r (i was left to wait alone). anyhow, i am too scared to go to the doctors so i would appreciate your opinion.

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