Marfan’s Syndrome and smoking

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Submitted by Dr T on March 24, 2011 – 10:52am

So i have Marfan’s Syndrom, diagnosed at 9 months, been followed for it my whole life(18 now). the last few years ive been having unexplained chest pains, been to the cardiologist and they say everything is within normal range and my MVP is no longer a danger of happening. sence i had started smoking 2 years ago its been gettin worse, what could be the reasons for my chest pains, and i know the risk is high for a disected aortic valve to happen when yu smoking but what is the persentage of it happening for a smoker with marfan’s?

First of all, if your symptoms are getting worse with smoking, why do you continue?
The primary concern in your situation is to make sure your aorta is not getting any bigger, so that needs to be excluded first. Once that is excluded, your doctors can look for other reasons. Since I don’t know anything else about you, I cannot begin to guess where else to look, but for heavens sake, stop smoking! It has very limited social value – it is not cool, it is expensive, causes infections, inflammation, heart disease, cancer and is doing damage to your system right now, not just at some time far away in the future!
Read more about Marfan’s here:
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Hope this helps,
Dr T

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