Is trivial valve leakage dangerous?

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Submitted by Dr T on May 15, 2011 – 11:31am

A recent echo showed that I have a trivial mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation. I was wondering if this is something that can be temporary. Also I have. Read that the echo’s are so sensitive that the leaks may not even be there. I was hoping you could provide me with you expert opinion on the issue. Thanks.
The regurgitation (leakage) is not temporary, but also not clinically significant at this point and not requiring any treatment. You should have a repeat ECHO every now and then to make sure it doesn’t get worse.
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Thank you for your response. The doctor said he made a mistake even mentioning it . I’m not sure why this means . I have heard that the echo is so sensitive that it may have shown leaks that are not even there. Is this possible?
Every valve leaks initially – it helps “close the door”. The ECHO demonstrates this to more or less degree.
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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