Is Heart Failure possible in a young woman?

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Submitted by Dr T on January 1, 2011 – 11:35am

2 years ago I contracted lyme infection. In fact my first symptom was heart issues. After running all standard tests including heart CT here are the results: I have had only 1 normal EKG (taken during stress test at start of problems and at the time I was training for marathon). All my other EKGs has been abnormal with the following statements: T wave abnormailty, can not rule out anterior myocardial infraction, arrythymia and T wave inversion. My most recent (12/10) showed Ventricular tachycardia. My last echo (06/09) showed  Mild impaired left ventricle with EF 50% and septal wall abnormality mild tricuspid nad mitral regurgitation with mild dilated riught ventricle pulmonary artey pressure 33mm. My heart CT negative for CAD although heart is slightly enlarged. My chest CT negative for blood clots or any other issues.My question is my cardiologist isnt concerned with my echo findings and is more consider with my arrythmia shown via Holter monitor. Shouldn’t he be concerned with both?I am on Lopressor and Klonopin to control these heart episodes I have (no one can tell me what they are). The episodes start at anytime with a weird feeling in my chest (if I am hooked up to the monitor the alarm sounds???) then my hearts starts racing (the last time was the 1st time I showed V Tach), my oxygen levels go down, I feel nasueous and dizzy and then lastly I start to shake. I am concious the whole time this is happening. The process ends lasting only a couple minutes, but then cycles and happens every 15min or more till it dissapates.Since V Tach episode I can not sleep without pillows because I can’t breathe and I have a dry cough (although my chest xray is clear). The Mds have stop treating me because they relate it to the Lyme and there is nothing that can be done I am told.Prior to the infection I had one heart episode due to short of breath during a walk but MI was ruled out. Are they doing everything they could be doing to help me?

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