Irregular heart beat

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I’m 19, and, hopefully, in good health, however, I’m starting to notice that sometimes, quite randomly, my heart will just kick into overdrive and beat really fast, about 118. I also get very hot easily, I’m not sure if that’s linked though.  They never usually last longer than 5 minutes, and I can get them when simply relaxing. My normal rate is about 85-95. What does it mean?


If this a new occurrence, you should see your doctor and have some tests:
The first thing to find out is whether your heart is healthy otherwise, so you need to have some blood tests (including Thyroid), an EKG and 24 hour monitoring. That will determine the basics.
You can read more about heart rhythm here:
You’ll find these are rather common complaints and most people don’t need treatment, only reassurance once their heart proves OK. Read these, get your tests done and come back if you still have questions for me,
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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