I have long QTsyndrome. How dangerous is that?

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Submitted by Dr T on March 16, 2011 – 8:08am

We got propably lqt syndrome 1 or 2 in our family. We undergo genetic tests these days. It was discovered incidentally on my routine ECG, than confirmed on another. I´m now 25, I had only 2 presyncopes/no collapse up to now.I have been played strenous sport all my life including soccer, basketball, snowboarding, I played ice hockey for 10 years. Almost  every time I was even the most active player on the pitch. Plus I had experienced stuff like fights, big stresses and big parties with lot of alcohol or marijuana, always without problems.My qtc is around 460-470, my cardio said it´s not that dangerous unless it´s under 500 ms. I´m not takin beta blockers so far, but he recommended me to restrict sport activities.I know, you can give me only informative advices, which I must consult with doc personally. I just wonder what do you think about all of it? Do you think I still could be in danger despite my age and all things above? But mainly, which treshold for the heart rate during exercise you could recommend me?

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