I have a very high hs-CRP level. What does that mean?

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My Hs-crp level is way out of range 26 ,yet my cholesterol and   triglycerides etc are in range,what tests can specify exactly where the problem lies?


Hi Julie,
Patients with hs-CRP > 3.0 mg/L, are probably at a high risk for developing coronary artery disease if other risk factors are also present.
If you want to estimate your risk for heart disease, you may want to look here:
Since you seem to have a markedly elevated hs-CRP (greater than 10.0 mg/L), that does not seem to be explained by other risk factors developing heart disease or stroke, you should be evaluated for other problems such as autoimmune diseases, other infectious diseases or even cancer (I hope not).
Hope this helps,
Dr T

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