I have a fast heart rate, but they say my heart is normal

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hi i am 34 male i quit smoking 12/2007 in 2007 i had chest x ray, thallium stress test, ekg and echo all was negative, just found sinus tachy – i have heart beat at rest 120-125bpm, i was put on 50 mg atenenol per day and 1 baby asprin per day… recently i have been experiencing chest pain. it comes and goes sorta next to the left nipple- regardless of activtiy or excersise. i am not overweight. not too active, just wonder what this can be . im worried, i was told my heart is ok and i should not worry but the pain seems to be getting worse but it depends on the day. chest pain feels like strong burning sensation, painful its not made worse by touch.


A normal heart rate is 60-90. Above 100 it is called tachycardia. If you have tachycardia at rest, you need to make sure it is not caused by an overactive thyroid gland. Sometimes a high heart rate at rest is caused by a poor overall condition and lack of exercise. Even so I would want to make sure your fast rate is not an arrhythmia by ordering a Holter monitor test.
Beta blockers (Atenolol) or calcium channel blockers will slow your heart, sometimes at the price of feeling tired and/or short of breath (in the case of Atenolol).  However, this will not treat the underlying condition (if there is any).
Chest pain in the face of these normal tests (especially the negative thallium stress test) is unlikely to be angina, which is caused by coronary artery disease. The burning sensation you describe sounds more like acid reflux. Try taking an antacid the next time you get pain and see if that helps.
If your thyroid and your heart function are indeed normal, it sounds like you better go to the gym and start that workout!

Hope this helps,
Dr T

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